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Carries Anorexia Bulimia Story

by Carrie

Hello, my name is Carrie... Today I am going to stop.

I threw up again I justify it by eating only once a day. If I only eat once a day it can't hurt my body that much right? I go to the gym every day to keep my body in shape. I look in the mirror all the time. I live to hear people tell me how skinny or "little" I am. It is truly a sickness.

I am going to do this for my children. I am going to do this for my grandchildren who I want to meet someday. My daughters are so young they are so innocent I cannot imagine them going through this or thinking it's ok.

Tonight I kissed my girls goodnight and then I went to throw up, it was different this time I threw up something I have never seen before it was round and blue with red on the tips. There was blood surrounding it... I have never been so scared I thought I was going to die any minute... Any minute I thought I'd start to fade. I can't believe I have another chance after that...

I am going to do it no matter what it's going to take. It will be hard but the payoff will be so rewarding... It will be spending a long and healthy life with my beautiful daughters and my son.

Please pray for me and my journey.

Please pray that I will find my way back to the young girl who felt beautiful no matter what...

Beautiful before society told me I wasn't so until I became a skeleton and then they all applaud and say now your beautiful look at her shine...

All while I die.

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