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Caring for others- especially with food...

by R.
(St. Louis, MO)

I was severely bulimic for over a year, until I finally confided in a cousin who told the family, who staged an intervention.. not the highlight of my year...

But one big sign that I had and notice with one of my friends who struggled with extreme dieting, (luckily, never a full-on eating disorder), is caring for people in the kitchen by making them food, constantly offering food, waiting for everyone else to eat to "size up" the cal's on everyone else's plates, etc. and unfortunately for me this was a very selfish thing that made me feel like I had an "upper hand" because they were eating and I was not.

A friend used to like pop tarts with butter so I would make her 2 pop tarts for breakfast and SMOTHER them in butter on both sides and deliver them to her on the couch while I sipped my coffee and splenda and felt great about my 0-cal. breakfast while she put down all those fat calories... Its horrible but true.

The friend that I referred to earlier does the same thing but to me - she would not order at a restaurant until I went first and she could make sure she ordered lighter and she would all but force-feed me at her house with ice cream, cookies, anything unhealthy that she wanted to eat too.

I still struggle with this even in bulimia recovery.

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