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Bulmic through all of High school

by Helen

I became anorexic in 2001, bulimic in 2002. I could not decide between the two and spent my high school years over exercising, purging, using laxatives, and wound up in the hospital twice. The hospital staff did not treat my eating disorder-- they simply told me not to exercise when I got out and intentionally put me on meds that caused weight gain. I did not recover until I left high school. While I am glad to be out of high school, I believe I would have hated it much less without this eating disorder. I might also add that I have asperger's syndrome, which greatly contributed both to my 'doing' the eating disorder perfectly as well as my social isolation. I am healthy and whole now, having beaten bulimia as well as most of my mood problems and aspergers symptoms, but I regret the years I wasted and lost to this disease.

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