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Bullimia Freedom?

by Rey
(Ft Collins)

In all honesty you don't want to be to skinny nor obese, but when someone tells you that you are either your image may begin to change. Saying this I mean the image of who you are to yourself. I was anorexic nearly two years, now I am bulimic. I absolutely detest it, I always feel disgusting and dirty from purging it's hard to keep going. They say trying is effort, but I don't feel it. Constant pain, wondering how long you gonna last is a weird sensation.

I want to sing but may no longer be able as a result to this constant condition.

I have done this as things in my life are always in the clasps of someone elses control. I am 18, living at home, and thought this could be my freedom, no one would have to know. The ultimate lie to having the perfect shape. Here I am, soon it's two years, if I last that long.

What I would like to say to all those who are suffering as we all have is, changing your shape doesn't change who you are inside. You gotta work like a clock and tick the way you tick not the way others wish you to tick. We are going to be alone at one point or another so remember to be your own best friend even when you think you won't get through.

Thank you for reading and good luck.

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