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bulimic, young and scared! PLEASE HELP!

by please help me girl !

I am suffering from bulimia just now. It's been happening for 2 months. I'm just so scared when I look at the posts on this site. It makes me think will that happen to me? I am only young (just turned 12) and Shaye it would mean everything if you could right back! I don't want to become ill or anorexic - I have a modeling contract and I would hate for them to throw me out because of this and them getting a bad reputation! I am not concentrating in class - I am lacking behind being very moany and then when it comes to the end of the day I am sick 7 times. It feels like I am the only person, I cry myself to sleep every night - I just want the old 'me' back!

Please respond it could change my life...

Shaye Says

Hi there :)

I know your in a scary place right now - but I want to promise you that if you seek help soon - there is no reason why you will have bulimia for a large part of your life. If you talk to a counselor, or a teacher, or your parents and ask them to get you some help... You could heal very quickly! The habits of bulimia are still new in your mind - and the sooner you work on breaking them - the better.

Even if it means you need to take a break from modeling for a while - I promise you, it is worth it! Nothing is more important than your health - and making sure that you are in a good frame of mind to enjoy your teenage years!

Please open up to an adult that you trust... It will be an important step for you towards recovery.

Keep your chin up!


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