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bulimic 21 year old

by valjay

Should I stop my 21 yr old daughter from eating us out of house and home? If I try to stop her she gets violent and difficult and it becomes a scene.

Shaye Says

Hi there,

I am sorry that your daughter is battling bulimia... Please try to be patient with her, this is not something she chooses to struggle with and I promise it is not an easy life to live.

Having said that, she is the only one who can 'fix' herself... She needs to want it... She needs to be so sick of bulimia that she can not imagine living that way for much longer... It is only then that she will be ready and willing to start the wheels of change...

But she will also need guidance... Either from a trained therapist who specializes in bulimia, a treatment center, or from an online bulimia recovery program such as mine.

Please pass my website onto your daughter as it will help her to see that she is not alone and she can beat this!

I wish you, your daughter and your family the best of luck in this journey.


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