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Bulimia Weight Loss: The Eye Opening Truth About Your Weight and Bulimia!

I'm going to talk about bulimia weight today and bulimia weight loss.

So a lot of people, and this was including myself when I was a young kid - get into bulimia as a way to try and control their weight, or as a way to lose weight. The dangerous "bulimia weight loss diet!"

And as I said, I was no different, I started bulimia because I thought that if I could stay thin, I'd be more popular and more successful!

But the truth is that bulimia doesn't control your weight...

Bulimia just makes you obsessed with food. In so many cases bulimia actually makes you gain weight...

You go from being a person who is quite normal around food.. eats when they're hungry, stops when they're full, maybe overeats from time to time (As all normal people do) to a person who is absolutely addicted to food, obsessed with food and will eat to the point of absolute extreme fullness, time and time again.

Then of course, you try and compensate for this by purging and throwing up... BUT, you can't throw up everything that you've eaten (studies show that only around 50% of the calories eaten will come back up) and for this reason, so often, what starts off as a way to try and lose weight or control your weight ends up making people gain weight. Bulimia weight loss often backfires. In the last 3 years that I was bulimic, I steadily gained about 2.5 kg's a year. This isn't that much, but I'm confident that if I was still bulimic today, I would be a lot larger than I am now. Bulimia weight loss does not last forever... As the food obsession grows, it is very difficult to maintain a low weight - nomatter how much you purge.

However, when I was bulimic, I thought bulimia was the only thing that was keeping me slim.

And I thought that if I stopped being bulimic, my weight would just go up and up and up. I thought that I would become overweight - or even obese. I had been brainwashed by the bulimia weight loss myth.

But as I realized throughout my bulimia recovery journey, bulimia wasn't doing very much to help keep me slim. The only thing that bulimia was doing was wrecking my life!

Yes, I did gain a bit of weight when I first stopped binging and purging - or when I first stopped purging at least...

This was because I was still overeating from time to time and I also had a slow metabolism and slow digestive system (thanks to the years of abuse I'd put it through!). PLUS, I was retaining a lot of water and bad bloating. All of these things contributed to a some weight gain and in the first week...

Okay, maybe more than a bit... I gained 11 pounds in the first week of my recovery! But as I said - most of this was my body hydrating and healing. I didn't gain much more throughout the rest of my journey.

Once I beat bulimia and once my body began to settle into its natural rhythms, some of that weight did drop away... I settled at the weight I am now, which is my healthy and natural weight. I've been this weight for 5-6 years now.

I can eat normally, I can enjoy food and enjoy going out with my friends for dinner... I'm completely normal around food and I eat normal quantities. In fact, I eat even more than I ever thought that I would be able to eat while maintaining my natural weight.

I don't need bulimia to stay at the weight I am now!

If you're using bulimia as a means to stay thin or to keep your body in shape, that doesn't have to be the only way...

Your body knows what it needs to stay at a healthy and slim weight. If you tune into your body and listen to yourself again, you'll be able to reach that natural and healthy point without having to rely on bulimia - which is so life destroying and destructive.

Bulimia weight loss is temporary... After years of being bulimic, the weight will begin to creep back on. So why not make a pact with yourself to start working on recovery today? I know it is a challenging journey - but I swear to God it is worth it!

You can be slim, healthy and free from bulimia!



Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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