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Bulimia warning signs: The 5 Physical Symptoms you ought to know!

Bulimia warning signs range from very subtle to obvious and in your face. BUT... If you don't know what to look out for they will ALL slip past you - unnoticed.

My family didn't know the real bulimia warning signs to look out for...

My mother suspected I was bulimic for a while - but didn't know the extent of it. She thought because I didn't rush to the toilet after meals - I was okay.

The truth was very different.

I didn't throw up in the toilet because that was too obvious. I'd throw up in the bushes, the shower, the kitchen insinkerator... I'd throw up wherever I'd get away with it.

Because of this, I was never caught.

I suffered from bulimia for over 10 years...


Bulimia Kills - Knowing and sharing the signs of this illness will help prevent people from suffering and even dying.

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The Physical Warning Signs of Bulimia...

Bulimics are skilled at throwing up unnoticed. Because of this, sometimes, you need to look elsewhere for proof of their illness. Below are the bulimia physical effects that may be evident all over their bodies.


Has "Bulimia Teeth"

bulimia teethI call them bulimia teeth, because I have no other term for teeth that deteriorate as fast as a bulimics teeth do.

Bulimia teeth can be discolored. They'll also be very weak and often in need of fillings and even root canals. I have had 7 root canals, 30 fillings and 2 veneers... Costing well over $8000!


If you're a parent and suspect that your child is bulimic, take them to the dentist for a check up. Speak to the dentist in private after the appointment and ask him if he thinks that the damage to your child's teeth could be a sign of bulimia.


Self Injury

Cutting and self harm are common bulimia warning signs. My sister and a close friend both suffered from bulimia... And vented their anger by cutting themselves.

My self injury method was a little weirder... I would cut my finger nails into points and pinch myself as hard as I could... Often, drawing blood.

People who inflict self injury will go to lengths to hide it. They will wear long sleeved tops and cover their bodies even when it's hot. So be aware of this too...


Sores on/in the mouth and hands

bulimis warning signsBulimics often get sores on their mouths and hands from the acid in their vomit.

I didn't need to stick my fingers down my throat to throw up - so I never suffered from the sores on my hands... But...

I did suffer from terrible scabby sores in the corner of my mouth. Sometimes the scabs were as big as a dollar coin! And, boy did they hurt! In fact, I had them when my last passport photo was taken - so I'm stuck with that scabby passport for many years to come!


Pale, Lifeless skin

Having pale and lifeless skin is one of the very common bulimia warning signs. This is because bulimia saps you of electrolytes and nutrients. You're body isn't getting the nutrition it needs to be healthy and happy... This shows on your face.

I remember people saying I looked like a zombie... And, seeing photos of myself from back then - I have to agree!


Broken Blood Vessels in eyes

bulimia warning signsThe pressure of forced vomiting can cause ruptured blood vessels in your eyes. These are very obvious, and not very pretty!

Less obvious, but more common are temporarily red, watery eyes after toilet breaks. This is caused by the discomfort and pressure of forced vomiting... It's one of the most common tell-tale bulimia warning signs.


Suspect That Somebody You Love is Bulimic?

From laxative abuse, secrecy around eating and "Bulimia Teeth", there are many different signs to watch out for. If you have noticed odd behaviour in someone you love, it could be due to bulimia. Share the bulimia signs you have noticed here...

Signs of Bulimia - Shared By Others...

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Weird Knuckles 
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Swollen face. 
Skinny person with full, swollen face.

toilet paper goes missing so quick 
i find piles of damp toilet paper in the garbage

Dry skin exclusively around the mouth. 
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Broken capillaries - a sign of bulimia 
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