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Bulimia Voices

by Laura

Fruits and Vegetables (and a little bit Nuts)

"Should I eat a pear? I'm quite hungry... Perhaps I should.

But what if I don't stop eating?


And wouldn't that be giving In??

I guess so. But if it's just a piece of fruit..?

Right. Because I'll definitely stop at a piece of fruit!

That's true...I would probably just keep eating, and eating -

And eating and eating -

And eating.

And then I'd have to go and make myself throw up - again.

Not necessarily...

Yes, necessarily.

Oops, too late! I just bit into it. It tastes so sweet!

Oh no!! Okay, alright, maybe if I eat only fruits and vegetables, it'll be okay...

Mmm! What else can I have? Here's an apple. Perhaps I'll have the rest of these apricots, too.

Wait! Slow down! I don't know if I can handle this! Just think how energy-dense dried apricots are!

Oh come on, they're healthy.

Umm, uhh, I guess so. Alright then. But wait! Where did that bowl of cereal come from?!!

I - but it tastes so good! I'm just so hungry!

This is ruining everything! I can't Give In!!!

Quick! What next?? A toasted sandwich?!

Yes...Why not...It's too late already."

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Author of
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