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Bulimia Tips For Recovery: How To Stop Picking After Meals

Today I'm going to be teaching you some bulimia tips for recovery. They are a few really simple little tips that I found helped me in my bulimia recovery journey. Sometimes it's the little things that actually add up to make a big difference.

When I was bulimic and during my recovery I had a huge problem with eating my meal and then offering to tidy up the kitchen. I'd then continue to pick and eat while I was cleaning the kitchen. So the amount I may have had for my meal would have been okay and I wouldn't have felt too full and not as desperate to get it out of me, but by the time I'd finished tidying up in the kitchen... I had doubled the amount that I had eaten! That would just lead on to more bingeing and would end up with me having my head down the toilet trying to get it all out of me.

One of the bulimia tips for recovery that I found really helpful was: As soon as I finished my meal and was walking to the kitchen to tidy up, I'd grab a few pieces of chewing gum (a peppermint flavor so I'd have a real strong taste in my mouth) and just chew it the whole time I was tidying up.

I'm sure that you know how gross food tastes while you're chewing gum! Don't you? It's horrible and it puts you off that picking which goes on in the kitchen while you're tidying up. If you're anything like I was, you'll know about the picking I'm talking about.

So today's simple tip for bulimia recovery is to chew gum while you're cleaning up the kitchen! The action step that I'd like you to do today is to go to the store, buy a couple packets of gum, and keep them in your kitchen so that you see them every time you walk into the kitchen...

This will act as a visible reminder to you that you're working on your bulimia recovery, and they'll also be there for you to grab a few pieces when you're going into the kitchen to tidy up, or when you feel vulnerable to picking.

So yea, that's just a simple bulimia recovery tip that I discovered while I was in my recovery... I hope it helps you :)



Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
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