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Bulimia Tips And Tricks - Essentials Any Aspiring Bulimic Needs to Know


A lot of people lately, have been looking up bulimia tips and tricks on the internet. And wind back the clock to when I was early on in my bulimia days. If the internet had been around, I probably would have looked up bulimia tips and tricks too.

Just because of the sheer numbers of people that are looking for this, I decided to do a video on it and tell you why Bulimia is just not a good idea and why you don't want to go there...

How Bulimia can Take Over Your Life - And what to do about it

I first started dabbling with bulimia when I was 8 years old. And the reason why I started was simply because I wanted to stay thin. I thought that being thin would mean I could be successful and popular. I started dieting and when I slipped from my dieting I thought that throwing up was a good idea.

So at first this didn't really cause that many problems in my life. It was just something I did every now and again. And I thought it was fine.

But as the years went on, and especially as i hit puberty - I got a bum and I got boobs - my bulimia spiraled out of control. I wanted to get rid of these things that, you know, meant that I wasn't a kid anymore.

So I started dieting, and I started throwing up more and it just got worse and worse.

I was living in Zimbabwe at this stage and the move to New Zealand when I was 15 caused my bulimia to take off like a NASA spaceship on a mission.

The more that I tried to restrict what I was eating and the more that I threw up - the more I started binge eating. My binge eating years were really the hardest years of my bulimia.

If you're thinking about starting bulimia - you can pretty much be guaranteed that if you continue with it you will become a compulsive eater (which I became when I was 15/16)

The compulsive eating years of my bulimia were by far the worst. Compulsive eating makes you feel completely and utterly out of control!

If you're not bulimic yet, you might not understand. You might think "I'll always have control over what I eat."

But the more that you restrict your food and the more that you force yourself to throw up, the binge eating becomes a primal urge...

An animalistic urge - and you just can not control it.

I was binge eating pretty much constantly during the day. I had a bag of food that I'd carry around with me all day - and just graze on it.

When nobody was watching I'd stuff in as much as I could.

And of course, because I was so scared of gaining weight I was throwing up all the time too. This was at least 15 times a day for many, many years.

Now you can just imagine the type of damage this does to your body...

I ended up losing a lot of my hair... I had thin frizzy hair with little bald spots. I had rotten and decaying teeth. I spend thousands of dollars at the dentist to sort it out. So the teeth you see in my video - they're not real!

It wasn't just the physical effects of bulimia that made me look really haggard and unattractive from the outside... But it was also what was happening on the inside that was so scary.

The most scary thing of all was electrolyte imbalances... which is caused by throwing up and/or abusing laxatives.

I had these imbalances - and they can result in a heart attack. You can have a heart attack with no real notice - you can not know that it's coming. The scary thing is that this happens to so many people who suffer from bulimia.

So to sum it up... If you are looking up bulimia tips and tricks, I really strongly suggest that you look up:

You need to see all of these terrible things that can happen as a result of bulimia.

Hopefully you can focus on later on in your life - what could happen - and not just, you know, losing weight here and now.

Not only does bulimia cause all of these nasty side effects, but it also doesn't make you lose weight long term. Yes, you might drop a few kg's, a few pounds..

But as the binge eating becomes more and more out of control that weight is gonna most likely come back on.

For so many years I was bulimic because I thought that if I stopped being bulimic - I would get fat. But the truth is that bulimia wasn't helping me to lose weight. Bulimia wasn't helping me control my body.

Bulimia was doing nothing for me - except ruining my life!

So as I said... If you're thinking about becoming bulimic - Please, do a lot more research! Make sure you've looked up all the side effects, all the complications and all the negative things it can bring into your life.

I promise you - bulimia is just not worth it!



Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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