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bulimia thoughts

by ash

just recently I've been trying to stop my bulimia, but everytime that I go a whole day without binging or purging at the end of the day i feel like I need to. is that supposed to happen even though I'm not even hungry anymore? if so, what can I do to stop the temptation to b/p?


Shaye Says

Hi Ash,

It's very common for the urge to binge and purge to continue during the first few months of recovery... Especially in the evenings after a long day...

The best way to get around this is to make sure that your following a plan of structured eating... So that you know you're going to have dinner - and then later in the evening another small snack... Think of these as stepping stones to help get you through the evening.

Also, plan some distraction for after dinner... Maybe get together with a friend... Go for a walk... Make a phone call... Watch a movie... Read my website... Watch funny youtube videos... And so on... Anything to get your mind off the binge urge...

In time it will get easier... I promise!

Keep up your good work!

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