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Bulimia - The entire thing is awful...

Well hello,

I have had bulimia since I was probably 15, I'm 32 now. It started with me being an overweight kid all though school, until around 8th grade when I was pushing 180 lbs. I remember going to get new school clothes and barely fitting in a size 20 and that was when it hit me. I had to lose the weight. So I went on a diet of twizzlers and coffee, and exercised 1 hour daily. That worked for a while, then I started to get too hungry, and I started eating again. Believe it or not, I actually got the idea from watching a soap opera, where a character had started throwing up to lose weight. So I thought I would try it, and from then on it was all ups and downs...

I would have days where all I would do was eat, throw up, eat, throw up, eat throw days where I could eat normally and not think about it. That was when I was 15, and I'm still to that point at 32. There is a part of me that doesn't know how I can live without being bulemic but I know I can. At least hopefully!

What really gets me is the cracks on the side of my mouth....I haven't had them since college, and now they're back for some reason. I'm pretty sure there is a reason, and it's to show me that this disease IS taking a toll on my body...

I look perfectly fine from the outside. To look at me, you would never know anything was wrong, but inside....that is a whole different story

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