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Bulimia Story and Remedies I learned along the way

by Jay

Hi I'm Jay and my form of purging was laxative abuse (I use to take 3 pink pills during the night time and when washing it down with water I could literally taste the pink coloring of the pill and some hours later I would be howling in pain because of the cramps). Then when I got tired of the "pink pills" I tried shoving a toothbrush down my throat but it made me feel so dizzy. What made me being purging was the bloating that literally made me want to cut my stomach open and take all the fat out . I quit cold turkey because I had these pains on my sides and I got tired of tasting the pink coloring whenever I drunk water.
When I quit cold turkey I started searching holistic medicine that's when I came across TCM ( Traditional Chinese Medicine) , there I started selecting teas and I also came across some supplements. When taking these (I'll jot them down below) I got my digestive system working again , my sides pain free and my menstrual cycle back.

Goji Tea ( Benefits Digestive Health , Kidney Health and more. A box od 20 cost around 5 dollars)
Cod Liver Oil ( I use the unflavored liquid form , it helps your immune system and gives your daily dose of Omega 3)
Dried Dates ( When my digestive system is having a lazy day I go to this.)
Probiotics ( I get this through kefir but I like Yoplait whips better.)

I'm currently getting my exercise regimen together ( it consists of yoga)

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