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Bulimia Side Effect: Slow Stomach Emptying or Constipation - and How To Fix It!

Today I'm talking about the bulimia side effect of slow stomach emptying...

Slowed stomach emptying is when you are trying to work on recovery and you hold down food and it feels like it takes forever to pass through your digestive system and come out the other end...

Not everyone experiences the bulimia side effect of slowed stomach emptying - but a lot of people do... I had it BIG time... and it can be very uncomfortable!

Slowed stomach emptying is caused when your body is out of the 'habit' of it's normal rhythms. This happens when you have been throwing up for a long time and it becomes more natural for food to come up - than go down. Your digestive system and bowels have not had to do much work for such a long time that they have in a way become 'lazy'. They've gone on holiday! You know what I mean - right?

The only way to overcome slow stomach emptying is to start eating again. The best way to do this in bulimia recovery is in a structured way. (See my structured eating video in my free video course). A quick ruin down of structured eating is that it's 3 meals and 3 snacks a day spaced no more than 3 hours apart... But please watch the video to see why it is so important and will help your bulimia recovery.

The reason why structured eating will help to heal your slowed stomach emptying is that it will be little 'packages' of food delivered to your tummy, frequently. It's a reasonable amount of food for your stomach to work on at a time and won't be too overwhelming. It will get your body back into the habit of digesting and reverse the effects of bulimia.

When I was recovering from bulimia, I had the bulimia side effect of slowed stomach emptying really badly! I would eat and it would feel like that food was in my stomach for days on end before it passed out... eek. It was super uncomfortable... and I had no idea of what was happening to my body.. I had no idea if this bulimia side effect would ever go away. I was scared it was irreversible...

I just want you to know that slow stomach emptying can be completely reversed... You can get normal digestive function back again... Just as I have. It's a matter of following your structured eating plans and pushing forward with recovery!

It might be bloody uncomfortable in the beginning (I feel your pain... I remember it well!) - BUT, it will get better. The first few weeks - maybe months are the hardest...

But push through it and you will notice your body healing. Slowed stomach emptying does not have to be one of the long term effects of bulimia... Feed your body and it will get better :) You'll notice that your food begins to pass through normally! And I'm sorry if this is too much info... But you'll never be more grateful for your poos!

With slowed stomach emptying, the only way out is through. Push through the challenges of this bulimia side effect and you WILL heal. You'll be able to eat and digest normally again :)



Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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