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Bulimia Self Help: How I Became a Normal Eater and How You Can Too!

Bulimia self help was my only option. There was no way in hell that I was telling my family about this 'problem' and there was no way in hell I was going into a hospital.

I could not let anybody discover my secret, that was my worst nightmare.

It all started when I made myself throw up for this first time at the age of 8. For every year that passed after that, my bulimia became more severe. When I reached my 20's, I was binging and purging 15 times a day.

I was absolutely and utterly obsessed with food...

Bulimia made me do things that weren't in my character. I was a kind, honest and loving girl, but bulimia made me lie, steal and mislead people. It felt like bulimia was a monster that had taken over my soul.

You know what I'm talking about don't you?

Crazy Things That Bulimia Made Me Do...

Bulimia drove me to do things that most people would NEVER consider doing...

...and SO much more.

I am still amazed at the lengths I would go to eat, throw up and hide my secret.


7 years ago, I decided enough was enough...

I had to recover and I would do anything (except share my secret with people I knew!) to get there.

I had no idea how to beat bulimia so I started looking up bulimia self help tips on the internet. What I discovered was a whole lot of nothing, really. Plenty of 'online doctors' saying I had to get to the bottom of some deeply rooted inner turmoil in order to recover from bulimia...

I couldn't wait that long...

What if I never discovered what that turmoil was? What if there were no deeply rooted problems?

bulimia relapses
Me (in the pink!) with my
amazing mom & little sis

Yes sure, I'd left my homeland of Zimbabwe at age 15 and that caused me a lot of pain... But my bulimia started before that... when I was a happy kid!

I was never abused, neglected or traumatised. I have great memories of my childhood in Africa.

So I kept searching for practical bulimia self help online... I never found it.

At my wits end I emailed a counsellor - Amanda - at my university asking for help. I decided that I'd see her once every week or two and I'd work on bulimia self help the rest of the time.


Amandas Top Bulimia Recovery tip

Amanda gave me some of the best practical bulimia advice I could ever ask for...

She told me that if I wanted to recover from bulimia, I would need to ditch the dieting mentality.

Although I had not 'successfully' dieted in years because of my unrelenting binge urges, 'Losing a few pounds on a diet' was always on my mind.

Even the thought of restricting my food was enough to send me into a fully fledged binge!

On top of this, years upon years of bingeing and purging had developed neural pathway connections in my brain that basically ordered me to binge and purge. Bulimia was a habit that had grown incredibly strong.

It took months of bulimia self help, using different tips and strategies, before I was able to break this habit...

But I did it!


I've been completely free from bulimia for nearly 7 years!

And guess what... You can be free too!

advice To Kickstart Your Bulimia Recovery...

Yes, recovering from bulimia and becoming a normal eater was hard work... But every single challenge I faced was worth it...

This bulimia free life is so beautiful and it's worth the fight!

The best advice I can give you right now is DO SOMETHING to take a step towards getting help for bulimia. Take action...

ACTION creates change!

Don't say "Tomorrow" - I said that for over 10 years! Tomorrow never comes. The only moment we ever have is this one, right now. Make this moment count :)

There are so many bulimia nervosa treatment options that can help you recover. Try to shake off any shame you feel and reach out for help. Take advantage of any help that is available!

I have confidence in the information and support I offer in The Bulimia Recovery Program... It's a practical step by step approach to recovery which also gets you involved with an awesome online recovering community for support...

But as I say - there are lots of other options... There are excellent treatment centers and there are therapists who do a good job too. Keep your mind open to all these possibilities.

Choose what feels right for you.

As NIKE says "Just do it!"

... You deserve it :)






Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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