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Bulimia seems alright... But isn't

by Lauren
(United States)

I was never fat... But all my closest friends were very skinny and petite. I was always just a little bit taller and a little bigger than everyone else when I was younger. It never hit me until I turned thirteen - I was the odd one out. My friends would always make comments, even the smallest. Saying "oh your stomach does NOT look good in that!" And these were my friends all the way up until the beginning of freshman year aka this past September. All the comments I was getting did not help me one bit. It started when I looked in my mirror and just saw this hideous person with a huge stomach. I puked once, then told my best friend and she flipped out on me. I promised her I wouldn't do it again. For the next year I puked once a week tops. Then it got to the beginning of eighth grade. I was becoming more womanly, I had just started my period. I was getting curves etc... I was so self conscious. My puking became more serious, and happened maybe 3 times a week. This was like that off and on till summer going into highschool. In june, I was becoming friends with more and more girls who weren't the nicest to me, and i started throwing up everything. Everyday. It's now been two years, and i'm still the same. I know it's wrong. But it's so a part of me that I just think it's okay. I'm just waiting for something serious to happen. Truthfully i'm scared. But it seems alright right now. My boyfriend and best friend are helping me out. And it's a huge struggle. But I don't know who to talk to.

All I say is if you are bulimic. PLEASE, PLEASE don't let it get as bad as I have let mine get. Get help. And I am being a hypocrite. But i'm in the process.

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