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Bulimia Relapse: What Caused Me To Fall Back Into Bulimia - And How I Got Out Again...

bulimia relapses
I pushed through my relapse
& grew into a happier person!

A bulimia relapse can feel like a raging river trying to drown you...

When all those old thoughts and feelings come rushing back like a stampede of wild and uncontrollable beasts...

It's natural to feel scared when you have a relapse into bulimia...

But the honest truth is, you beat bulimia once - and you can beat it again!

A bulimia relapse is a not actually a bad thing...

You might be thinking "HUH?, that's it, you're mad!"

but think about it...

Slipping back into bulimia is a sign that not all is right in your life... Something is triggering you to fall back into old behaviors - and without the symptom of binging and purging - you may have gone years on end without realizing it.

When you begin binging and purging again, it's time to ask yourself where your needs are not being met? Are you lonely? Overworked? Are you becoming critical of your body again? Did you embark on a diet?

Once you know what is causing you to binge and purge, you can take active steps towards fixing it :)


Steer Clear Of What Caused My Bulimia Relapse...

I'm going to tell you a story about the bulimia relapse I had...

The reason I'm telling you this story is because what triggered my relapse is so common. It triggers bulimia relapses in so many other recovered bulimics...

It was about 1 year after I was successful in overcoming bulimia... I felt healthy, happy and my new bulimia free life was incredible...

In my mind, I believed I would never fall back into bulimia... This new life was just too good!

To celebrate life in general, my best friend - Lisa - and I decided to go on holiday to the tropical Pacific island of Samoa. We booked our tickets and we were super excited for our holiday which was just one month away.

I was so excited that I bought a 7 cute bikinis on an online sale. I'd wear a different one each day! When the bikinis arrived in the post, I tried them on and decided that although my body was okay, I could do with losing a little bit of weight. Lisa was so tiny and I wanted to look good on the beach next to her.

A few weeks passed and I still hadn't got round to losing any weight...

It was now just 2 weeks before the trip and I decided it was time to to something about this... I would only eat a tiny amount each day until the day we left. I'd also try to exercise as much as I could.

Day one passed and it seemed to go okay... But quite quickly, things went downhill.

It came on so fast that it shocked me...

The uncontrollable binge urges were back.

I felt that the only thing that would keep me out of the kitchen was a prison cell...

After having been successful in my bulimia recovery for over a year, I had slipped back into the hands of bulimia in just 2 days.

For one week I ran around in a blur, eating what I could and yes, I did purge... Every day - 3 times a day - maybe more!

I felt scared and shocked at the intensity with which binge urges had hit... But - I knew exactly what had caused it...

I had triggered my uncontrollable hunger by restricting my food. Dieting had triggered my bulimia relapse!


How I Got Back To Health After A Bulimia Relapse

That Sunday I went to bed exhausted. I'd been bingeing and purging for a week and I was completely over it!

I remember thinking "How the hell did I used to live like this!?"

bulimia relapses
Me enjoying 2 cocktails in Samoa!
(Yes, I staggered home afterwards!)
I decided that I would go to Samoa in a weeks time just the way I was...

I would not try to lose weight. In fact, I decided that I would never diet again.

I woke up the next day and ate my breakfast just as any normal person would. When I got hungry I had a snack - later it was lunch and then dinner... Followed by a small dessert.

As quickly as my binge urges had come - they had gone.

As soon as I made up my mind to eat normally and not to deprive myself of food, my primal drive to eat had left.


Since this experience, I have realized the dangers of dieting time and time again... Not through my own experiences, but through helping others recover from bulimia.

You can be completely free from bulimia - for the rest of your life... But one of the conditions is that you will not be able to diet...

But really... that's a pretty cool condition... Eat in a normal, healthy and enjoyable way and settle at your natural and healthy weight where you feel strong and energetic...

I wouldn't change it for the world :)

If you're interested in learning more about primal hunger and why binging is a natural reaction to dieting, I'd suggest joining my Bulimia Recovery Program and reading the Recovery Guide that comes with it... I've dedicated a whole section to it!



Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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