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Bulimia Recovery: Don't Believe You Can Beat bulimia? Here's Proof That You Can...

Before my bulimia recovery, life was very different...

I was 20 years old and I'd carry a large bag around with me. Inside it there was food. Lots and lots of food. All day long, I would eat this food. All day long, I would make trips to the toilet to throw it up. If there were no toilets available, I'd throw up into drink bottles which I would then hide in my bag to empty later. If ever that bag ran out of food, I'd buy more to fill it.

My life revolved around binge eating and purging. My life felt like it was ruled by bulimia - from morning to night. 24 hours a day. I could see no way out.

I remember thinking that I had to be the worst bulimic that had ever walked this planet.

Now that I have recovered, I can say that although I wasn't the 'worst' bulimic, my case was definitely severe.

I can also say with absolute certainy that if I recovered from bulimia, then you can too. We are no different.

I wish you had as much faith in yourself as I have in you!

But since you don't, maybe you can just trust me...

Trust me because I've been where you have been. Trust me because I've walked where you are going to walk. I've been severely bulimic and I have also walked to a complete recovery.

When I say I know you can recover - it's not because I think you can. It's not because I hope you can. It's because I know for a fact that you can!

So I invite you today to shift your focus from fear and suffering to EXCITEMENT...

Get excited because you can kick bulimia our of your life. Forever.


My recovery (And the hundreds of recoveries I have been a part of since!) have given me solid proof that anyone with bulimia can recover...

I'd love to help you beat bulimia too. I invite you to join me in The Bulimia Recovery Program to discover the beautiful life that is waiting for you :)



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Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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