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5 Bulimia Recovery Tips to Help You Enjoy Christmas and Other "Foodie" Events


In my bulimia recovery, there were certain occasions that would always make me nervous. Those "Foodie" events... Like Christmas...

The thought of having all that food and so many people around was overwhelming...

I was so scared that I wouldn't be able to control my binge eating - and that I wouldn't be able to throw up. I was scared somebody would catch me out. Christmas wasn't the fun day that it really deserved to be...

And I don't want that to be the case for you - and it doesn't need to be! So I'm share 5 tips that I discovered in my bulimia recovery, which helped make these "foodie" events less stressful and actually quite fun!


Bulimia Recovery Tip 1) Wear Clothes That Make You Feel Beautiful!

The nature of christmas is that quite a lot of food is eaten... So wear clothes that are loose, but beautiful. My perfect Christmas outfit was a loose gypsy dress... it gently flowed over my belly and allowed me to focus on other things... Even if I was quite full! I can't explain how important this step is :)


Bulimia Recovery Tip 2) Try to Have at Least 2 or 3 Meaningful Conversations

Gently shift your focus off food and onto the love... Onto having deep and meaningful conversations with people. Try to have 2 or 3 meaningful conversations with family or friends and allow this to remind you of the true blessings in life and what Christmas is really about :)


Bulimia Recovery Tip 3) Plan "Time Outs" to Reflect and Center Yourself

Christmas and other big events are often jam packed with people, food, chatting, dancing, etc etc... it can be helpful to take a few 'time outs' to focus on yourself and your goals for the day. Go somewhere quiet and sit for a few minutes, reflecting on the day and how you would like the rest of it to go. Also congratulate yourself for at least one thing from the earlier part of the day.


Bulimia Recovery Tip 4) Leave Your Scales Under Your Bed!

Don't weight yourself! I know it can be tempting... But it's natural to add a few pounds over Christmas. People do eat a bit more - and often it's salty foods, which make you retain a bit of fluid - it's just the nature of the day! Weighing yourself will not help anything - so if you can, leave your scales under the bed - or better yet, give yourself the best Christmas pressie ever and smash them with the hammer ;)


Bulimia Recovery Tip 5) Acknowledge that Even Normal Eaters Eat a Bit More At Celebrations!

So, you eat a little more than normal on Christmas? Who cares - don't over think it. I eat more than normal at Christmas too... It's the nature of the day and it's festivities! I promise that just as my body can handle this food - so can yours! If you mind starts telling you 'stories' of how much you have eaten - gently let those thoughts go and remind yourself: My body can handle this food.


Have an Amazing Day :)

I hope that this advice helps you in your journey of overcoming bulimia. However the day goes - remember to treat yourself with love and kindness... Love and kindness will always guide you to recovery :)




Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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