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Bulimia Recovery Temptations!


Hey Shaye!

First, I would like to thank you for having this site! It has pulled me to the longest road of successful recovery than what I have ever accomplished. Reading your story and other people's stories give me so much hope and I feel as if I gained friends who can understand my disease through this site. Thank you, you are a wonderful person.

In my recovery, I am finding it hard to get back onto a normal eating pattern. I will eat really well for like two days and totally lose it for about three days. 'Totally losing it' doesn't mean I binge for three days, it just means that I eat way too much and the complete wrong foods. I've been eating big portions but not what I consider a binge.

During my recovery, it is really hard for me to stop eating the wrong foods once I start. I have been so tempted to binge over the past few days but I have refrained. I ate so much yesterday that I was sitting in front of the toilet but I somehow talked myself out of it! That is an awesome step that I beat bulimia in the crucial moment..that has NEVER happened! It has been almost three weeks since I have thrown up but I'm worrying that if I don't get the healthy lifestyle down, I'll resort back to B/P.

What motivated you to be consistent in your healthy lifestyle? What helped you avoid eating so much when you were at a family gathering or just out with your friends?


Shaye Says

HI Allie!

I am SO glad that you're pushing ahead with your recovery...

You're at a frustrating point now - I know... I remember when I was there! Because of this, I didn't want to answer your question in a quick message as there was a lot to say... So I wrote an 'article-reply' to you... Which you can read by clicking here...

I hope you find it helpful! If you have any other questions - please ask :)

Keep pushing forward Allie - you're making such awesome progress!


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