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bulimia recovery progress?

by Liv

Hi there.

So I went 14 days without a binge. I basically had a set eating plan, but when I strayed outside of my plan, which I actually did for most of the second week, (eating a lot more).. I didn't allow this to send me into a frenzy and binge like crazy. yay!

I guess i'm wondering, is this how it is to eat normal again? Listening to your hunger signals/cravings (I wanted salt a lot ) but not going overboard??

I even went out for lunch with a friend and enjoyed it. Wow!

I have had bulimia for 6 years (developed early twenties) never purged (vomited) but I do over exercise and abuse laxatives, dieters tea, from time to time.

I had a horrendous binge yesterday (breaking the 14 days) and this morning my face was so puffy, it looked like the moon.. oh dear.

Is this normal? water retention? the scales also told me I gained 2kg. I know I should not weigh myself after a huge binge, but for some reason my mind wanted to know the damage I had done.

Do you think a single massive, one off binge could have caused a 2kg gain? This is probably irrational, but I've felt so depressed today.

O.K so for the positives...

In those 14 days, not only did I not gain any weight, I lost a kg, simply through not binging every few days and through eating more than usual. That was a total shock.
I learned that I actually can eat more to the point of satisfaction and be o.k with it. My energy levels increased over that time period, my moods were far more stable. This has to be positive yeah?

Im back on track (1 day bounce back is far better than dragging out a binge episode over days like in the past) and am going to continue eating regularly and listening to my body.

Good plan???

Continually blown away by this incredible site!

Thanks for your time :) x

Shaye Says

Wow, wow, wow... That is what I call progress! You are doing so awesome Liv - I cannot even explain it!

Going out for lunch in your first few weeks of recovery - and enjoying it... That is a massive step in the right direction. It's proof that you are taking charge of the 'direction of your ship' and guiding it away from bulimia and towards health and happiness!

You are completely right in saying that slipping and then bouncing back is better than dragging out a binge episode over days... It's simply a small hurdle on the road to recovery... Learning from it will make you stronger... Jumping up and getting started again will make you even stronger still!

I'm sorry to hear that your face looked like the moon! I have heard people say this happens when you go through a binge/purge free phase followed by a slip. I can't remember it happening to me... But then I'd been bulimic for as long as I could remember so didn't actually know what my real face looked like - so probably wouldn't have noticed!

On another note, it's virtually impossible to gain 2 kg's from a single binge. Some of what you gained would have to be water retention and also just food sitting in your tummy. Although it's hard, try not to worry about it... rather focus on all the awesome positive work you have been doing!

I am glad you like me site by the way :) Working on it has become a real passion of mine!

Keep in touch!


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