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Bulimia recovery (Katie's Story on Bulimia Bloating)

by Katie

I told myself last new years that I would stop throwing up right then and there - I've never lasted a week since then, but God knows I try ALL the time...

I don't mind gaining a little weight, well I do mind but that's not what I hate the most... It's the bloat - The horrific bloat which prevents me from wearing any of my clothes without looking pregnant! I try looking for loose shirts to wear but I don't have any or the money for any.

I've told my bf about it. He used to be supportive but lately he's been acting like Im overreacting (it has been so hard to tell anybody about it)

I can't blame him - I must be a pain to listen to.

I hope this goes away soon.

With every relapse follows deep regret...

A Response From Shaye

Hi Katie!

My goodness - at least 10 times did I make my new years resolution to not trow up again! (That's 10 years of bulimia!) But it never worked. It's hard to just switch bulimia off... But, it's not impossible... It takes more than a new years resolution to do it though.

You need to want it more than anything else... Which I'm sure you do.

You need to work towards it... By researching bulimia, looking into treatments/therapies that may help you, learning how to cope with and beat the bloat (which I agree SUX big time!!) You mustn't hit yourself up when you slip and binge/throw up... Rather plan how you can avoid it next time. Give yourself praise when you do something positive towards bulimia recovery - rather than punish yourself when you don't.

I have recently written an article which contains tips on how to improve your 'bulimia metabolism'. Hopefully that will help your bulimia bloating a bit. I've also written an article on how to relieve lazy bowel syndrome. Which is a little weird - but the tips helped me!

Bulimia bloating is horrible! So, I know how you feel... But, mine only lasted for a month or so and then started to improve. Just keep telling yourself that it's only temporary and will go away... Recovery is worth it - I promise!

Let me know how you get along - I'll be thinking of you!

All the love,

P.S. Tell your boyfriend to read my website if he thinks bulimia isn't serious!!!

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