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Bulimia Recovery (help / advice wanted)

This is my first time writing and being on this site, and so far I think it's amazing! I have recently started to try to recover from purging and extreme dieting. I am 16 years old the last time I purged was five days ago.I started this because my weight loss began to be noticed and for three days straight I felt extremely dizzy,sad, fatigue,and had absolutely no energy. I'm trying hard to avoid extreme weight gain though so I am eating healthy. Instead of eating less than X calories a day, I have bumped it up to about X. I stopped starving myself and eating when I am hungry, but healthy foods! I think I am beginning to experience bulimia bloating and when I eat more than X calories in a meal my stomach hurts. I believe that it is my intestines. It makes grumbling noises and feel like someone in pinning it. Is this normal? What other effects should I be ready for?

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