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I have been feeling excellent lately... Well actually ever since this day last week!

Last week when I binged in the morning I developed (Quite fast) a chipmunk cheek it was painful and scary and eye opening.

I have been suffering from bulimia since I was 14 years old and I am now 19, you say that I should open up to someone about my bulimia but I do not think I need to, something changed drastically in my thinking! It's amazing my prayers were answered and I feel absolutely normal around food... I can't explain it, I woke up and said "I want to live!"

The only problem right now is I am so bloated and having to use the bathroom like every hour lol!

My question is, I don't quite understand do I actually have no metabolism because of the bulimia?

I'm really thin but are there any dangers I should know about recovery, like resulting from my bodies introduction to an old "foreign" routine of actually eating and digesting.

I have not excersised ever since I became a bulimic, and I recently began doing small jogs around the block, it really helps to relieve the bloat.

Also do you know how long this bloat may last and how long it usually takes to get your metabolism up?

Thank you so much! I cannot believe how happy I have felt since giving up the binge purge cycle... It's as if my mind has been re-modeled completely... I now feel tremendous hope, and an accomplishment and pride for my self.

I plan on opening up about my struggles when I know I am recovered! I cannot wait lol!

Thank you so so so much! xoxoxo

(ps you can see that in the picture I look quite pregnant although I'm pretty sure this is normal for recovery)

Shaye Says

Hi there!

Great to hear from you - Wow, you sound like you are doing so well in your recovery - you should be very proud of yourself! I remember being in a similar part of recovery that you're in right now - an it's so exciting... Remember to give yourself lots of encouragement, well dones, your fantastic etcs!

Not everyone has to open up about their bulimia in order to recover... But, it does help. Opening up can even be as simple as sharing your story online... it's up to each individual. Your idea of sharing your story once you have recovered is okay too... This was my plan when I was suffering... but it turned out that I told my boyfriend about 8 months before I had fully recovered! It was good for him to know because he was very supportive.

Your question "I dont quite understand do I actually have no metabolism because of the bulimia?"... You will always have a metabolism... but, bulimia can make it sluggish... It takes longer for your food to digest and pass through you... This does heal in time with healthy eating, healthy exercise and just a general good bulimia-free lifestyle... So it sounds like you're on the right track for speeding up your metabolism :)

Lots of people find bulimia bloating one of the biggest set backs in recovery... it makes them feel fat, full and gross... But, just keep reminding yourself that it is temporary - and it will go away! It's there because your stomach is healing after years of abuse.

My bulimia bloat was really bad for 1 month - and then it gradually got better and better... Although it did flare up before my period for quite some time.

You can take probiotics or eat kefir to help build up the healthy bacterias in your tummy - which will help heal it faster... and get rid of the bloating.

There aren't any dangers in beginning to eat again... It might feel uncomfortable at times because of the bloating, but you're beginning to do something that is completely natural and safe - digesting! Be persistent and eventually you'll get back to completely normal :)

I hope this advice helps - please let me know how you get on!

Thank you for sharing - I know you will inspire many people to take that leap of faith into recovery!


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