Your bulimia recovery
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Change Only Happens When BULIMIA RECOVERY ACTION is practiced!

You could read all the bulimia self help books in the world - but without action - they would be wasted.

It's exactly the same your bulimia recovery... You could get all the experienced help and advice that you need - but without putting that help and advice to ACTION... Nothing will change.

On the other hand, a small amount of good advice, put into ACTION can make all the difference!

Have you taken ACTION on the tips I've given in my newsletters over the past months...? These tips...

If you have, then that's freaking fantastic!

If you haven't... it's not too late! You can always decide to take action today!

To help you get into the habit of taking action, I'll suggest different bulimia recovery actions in my newsletter each month...

I hope that you will take the first step to ACTION by posting a reply on this page...



GOOD ADVICE + ACTION will make all the difference! Share here as your first step in taking action!

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enough is enough 
I have to some degree suffered from this since the age of 16 when I lived with my dad and the relationship and atmosphere became nothing but insults and …

Tonight in my college dorm room I got caught binging. I made a loud noise and when I came put there was a girl waiting on the steps to confront me. It …

Unhealthy thought: I’ve got to eat something, it’s so delicious i can’t think i can make it without....(having already taken dinner) Healthy thought: …

Positive vs Negative in Bulimia Recovery 
NEGATIVE: food makes me fat, so I have to get rid of what I ate POSITIVE: eating the WRONG type of foods is bad for me, eat healthy and my body and health …

Changing Black and White Thinking to Healthy Thinking 
I am a guilty player in the black and white thinking game...... I can see now that it contributes to my bulimia by setting me up to feel bad about myself …

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