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Bulimia Purge: 28 protein Bars in just 2 hours

I'd been bulimic for over 6 years. Unfortunately the awful bulimia purge was an everyday - even up to 15x a day - part of my life. I hated it - but had learnt to live with it.

Bulimia made my life so complicated. Things that should have been so simple took massive effort. My life revolved around binging and purging - and then creating lies to hide it...

That's why, 2 days before heading off on a romantic holiday to the Pacific Islands with my boyfriend Tom.... I was nervous.

Tom and I had been together for over a year... He knew me better than anyone - but he still didn't know my dark bulimia secret.

I think it was the nerves of having to hide my bulimia on holiday that triggered one of the biggest binges of my life...


Bulimia binge and bulimia purge 1 = 3 bowls of coco pops for breakfast

Bulimia binge and bulimia purge 2 = A whole loafs worth of toast with cheese

Bulimia binge and bulimia purge 3 = 28 Protein Bars!


I ate 28 of these!

Nope that isn't a joke... I ate 3 bowls of coco pops, a loaf of bread and 28 protein bars in the space of a few hours!

How did I do it?

I have no idea! I guess my brain switched off and I just ate, and ate, and ate.

You know what I mean... Don't you?


They were Toms Protein Bars!

Once this massive binge was over and I'd thrown everything up... My brain flicked back on and I started to panic... What had I done!?

I had eaten over $100 worth of Tom's protein bars... Which he had bought specifically to eat when we were on holiday!

My mind was going a million miles an hour... What could I tell him?

I decided that I would pretend to pack them. Once we were in the Islands, I'd say they must have been stolen at the airport... Because they weren't in my bag.

I hated lying to Tom... But that's what bulimia makes you do.

The lie worked - and Tom believed me...

I guess he had no reason not to... I was the perfect girlfriend... With a dark bulimic secret :(


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