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Bulimia, Overeating and Alcoholism

by Alexandra
(Scottsdale, AZ)

Hi Shaye,

I have discovered your website a couple of days ago and first of all wanted to tell you congratulations on your recovery and all the information you're giving here.

I have been anorexic/bulimic for more than 20 years now and recently on the top of overeating I developed a tendency to drink alcohol thinking it would help my urge to binge on food but I was wrong.

Have you ever heard about this combination of addictions? I am now at a point where I really want out and will do whatever it takes to get better and feel better.

All the best.


Shaye Says

Hi Alexandra!

That's fantastic that you have decided you want out - and have started researching and reading about bulimia and eating disorders... Knowledge is one of the most important weapons we have in life - and having knowledge about bulimia and the different treatments available is no different... SO, although you might not feel it right now - you are doing good things for your recovery!

I never really drank that much alcohol... but, at the age of 13 one of my best friends developed anorexia and bulimia... Over the years that followed, she also used alcohol to help numb herself...

Another friend of mine who suffered from bulimia for 5 years abused drugs during this time...

So, as you can see - it is common for bulimia sufferers to fall into other forms of addictions...

It makes sense really - because eating disorders are a way of numbing yourself, taking the focus off things in our lives which we don't want to deal with - which we don't feel capable of dealing with... And, alcohol and drug abuse work on the same way... They numb, they distract.

Often, we don't even know what we're trying to numb or distract ourselves from... But through a lot of 'soul-searching' we can figure it out...

I discovered that the trigger of my eating disorders was the belief that I needed to be thin to be loved and accepted... But what really send them spiraling out of control was leaving my homeland of Zimbabwe to live in New Zealand... Suddenly I knew nobody and was in a strange new world. I felt as though everyone I had loved back home had in a way died... as I knew I would not see most of them again.

For so many years I thought I just lacked self control... I thought I was just a pathetic... But as I began the bulimia recovery journey I realized that there was so much more to it. My heart had been badly wounded and I had never given it what it needed to recover - instead I suppressed it with obsessing over my body and compulsive eating.

I hope that you continue of this journey of discovery - and that it eventually leads to your full bulimia recovery.

Stay Strong,

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