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Bulimia Nervosa Stories: A Place To Share Stories and Begin Recovery!

Today I'm going to be talking about bulimia nervosa stories and why it's so important to share your own personal bulimia story...

When I was suffering from bulimia, I can't even explain the amount of shame that I felt about my disorder. If you're suffering from bulimia, there's a good chance that you can relate to me and that you're feeling a large amount of shame right now too.

The shame got worse and worse every year that passed that I was bulimic.

When I began my bulimia recovery, an important step in that journey was releasing some of that shame. One way really effective way I found to do this was simply sharing my story. I started off sharing my story with a counselor, but there are many different ways that you can do this. To help you along, I've set up a Bulimia Stories page where hundreds of other bulimia sufferers just like yourself have taken the first step of their bulimia recovery journey by sharing their bulimia story.

Just go to the page on personal bulimia experiences and have a read of the stories. I really strongly suggest that you share your own story so that you can start talking about this secret part of you and start expressing yourself and releasing some of that shame that I talk about.

Your action step for today...

Is simply to go to the Bulimia Stories page, read other people's stories, leave comments where you'd like, and if you can find it within yourself, share your own bulimia or bulimia recovery story :)



Article by Shaye Boddington
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