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Bulimia Nervosa Causes: What Really Triggered Your Bulimia - and How to reverse it!

Most people think that the bulimia nervosa causes are complicated. But in reality, what causes bulimia is normally pretty simple...

Looking for "That deep underlying reason" didn't help me make progress when I was bulimic. I didn't want to spend years (with possibly no luck) searching for deep underlying bulimia nervosa causes...

I needed answers to my questions and I needed practical no-nonsense bulimia help!

Luckily, I got that practical advice... and within a year I had made a full bulimia recovery.

As the years of my recovery have passed, I can see so clearly what triggered my bulimia and maintained it for over 10 years...

I can see how I went from being so deeply lost in bulimia, bingeing and purging over 15 times a day - to having a normal, healthy and fun relationship with food!

And I also understand how to help you do the same :)

First things first. You need to understand the most common bulimia nervosa causes....


Dieting and Food Restriction Triggers Binge Eating!

I always thought that the reason I was bulimic was because I was weak and pathetic... That I had no self control. I thought that if I could just get it together and stick to one of my diets, I'd be able to recover...

Little did I know, it was dieting that triggered my binge eating to begin with!

The problem wasn't that I had no self control - the problem was that at one point in my life, I had denied my body of the food it needed!

I had dieted my body into famine mode...

Famine mode exists within every single human being. It's controlled by the sub-cortex region of your brain that is in charge of your basic instincts.

This 'famine mode' has helped keep human beings thriving on this planet for tens of thousands of years. It achieves this by making us hyper-aware of food whenever there is a shortage or famine.

And guess what... Your sub cortex doesn't understand the difference between dieting or famine. When food is short - your sub cortex sees it as a life threatening situation...

Your binge urges are born!

Famine mode is such a key part of our survival as humans, that it can even be activated in an unborn child...

Take the Dutch famine for example in 1945...

Researchers discovered that adults who were born from mothers who had lived through this famine were more likely to be obese.

This could be because these unborn children were exposed to food shortages in the womb, programming them to believe that the world was scarce of food. This activated their 'famine mode' to ensure their survival from foetus to childhood to adulthood.

The other side of the coin to "famine-mode" is that your body also becomes very good at storing fat. You need to eat (and digest) less and less in order to maintain your weight...

Your metabolism slows right down in order to store and preserve energy for that impending famine!


How to reverse famine mode and heal your metabolism

I'm constantly amazed at how awesome human bodies are! They have this freakin' awesome ability to bounce back...

Our bodies want to survive - they want to thrive - and given the chance, they do just that.

I've seen one women after the next from my online recovery program have their bodies and minds bounce back. I wasn't just a 'lucky case' - you can have the exact same freedom and health as I have right now!

You can eat satisfying amounts of food and remain slim and healthy... It's what your body wants. Your body will thank you for it!

Of course, this freedom won't just happen...

You must take action by:

And more relevant to this article on bulimia nervosa causes...

You need to prove to your body that the famine is over.

It will take time before it trusts you again (It may even be months!)... But when it does, the rewards will be magnificent!

You can completely reverse the bulimia nervosa causes. You can have a normal and fun relationship with food. You can be healthy, happy and free! Recovery is yours for the taking :)

Sending you lots of love,



Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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