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Bulimia, My Hidden Secret

by Kim

I have fought this ugly disease for 30 years and still cannot shake it. It is my life! I hate it but still find myself got up in it, it won't go away! It's made me not social and feel very insecure! I've become almost homebound because I am to ashamed of myself to face anyone for fear that they know.. It totally runs my life, I have no life! I need to break free but has become such a habit that I can't break it. I'm so alone!! When I'm with people I'm fine but I'm always alone. I have been a single parent the majority of my life... There's no one to be accountable for but me and it doesn't seem to be enough for me to stop. I want to in everyway and form but it's not happened.... I need help badly

Shaye Says

Hi Kim!

It is never to late to choose a better life for yourself. I know recovery is hard - it can seem impossible... but I walked the journey and I know, without a doubt that you can too! Once you have recovered, you'll look back and be like "Wow, that was me? I can't imagine doing that now!" ... It is possible to completely eliminate binge urges, forever.

Taking action is essential. What you decide to do is up to you - but do something! You could visit a therapist or you could join the online recovery program and members community I run. I know you have it in you to beat this Kim. You are powerful beyond your wildest dream! We all are :)

xx Shaye

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