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bulimia metabolism..

by hipppyyyy

I have had bulimia and before that anorexia for over 2 years. I have had periods when I haven't binged at all. My Mum found out about it and since then I've stopped. Just wondering how long it normally takes for the metabolism to speed up?
I've been eating normally for 4 weeks. In fact I've been SO hungry, perhaps because I'm studying really hard?


Shaye Says

Hi there Hippy :)

I'm glad that you've managed to start the bulimia recovery journey... Sometimes having somebody discover your bulimia isn't always the bad thing it seems!

It does take time for the metabolism to get back to normal... For me, the first 2 months of recovery were the hardest because my metabolism was just terrible. I felt full all the time (which is the the opposite to you!) but after 2 months, slowly, things began to get back to normal. It was at last 8 months before I felt as though my metabolism was totally healed... Although, even since then, it has continued to improve!

It takes time for the body to settle... But, give it time, nourish it properly, and it will happen :)

All the best!

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