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TOP 4 ways to Kick Your Bulimia Metabolism into overdrive!

My 'bulimia metabolism' is what I nicknamed my poor excuse for a digestive system when I was bulimic. It was slow and sluggish and caused a riot about any food I let slip into my tummy.

I used to wonder how on earth I'd ever be recover from bulimia when my metabolism would throw tantrums over a piece of lettuce!

The truth is, when you first start holding your food down - for a while your tummy will throw tantrums. You'll feel fat and sore... You'll have what I call the 'bulimia bloat'.


If you follow these 4 tips to kick-start your bulimia metabolism... You'll get there... You will heal. I promise.


Tip 1: Pump Some Iron!

bulimia metabolismBuilding muscle is the BEST way to speed up your metabolism...

Your muscles burn energy to survive - day and night. Developing your muscles will make you an over-all more effective energy burning machine.

You don't need to slog away at the gym for hours... All you need is an intensive 30 minutes of exercise to jump start your sluggish bulimia metabolism!

Lower Body Exercises are the best for building lots of energy burning muscle. Think squats, clean and press - or any other exercise using heavy weights that target the large muscle groups of your lower body.

Exercise also releases endorphins which make you feel happy. When you're feeling happy, you're less likely to binge and purge...

So pumping iron is a win-win ;)


Tips 2: Beat The Bulimia Bloat

When you begin your bulimia recovery and start keeping food down, you'll probably experience the bulimia bloat. This is when your tummy feels so full and revolting... It's difficult not to give in and throw up.

Beating the bulimia bloat is essential to get your metabolism back into shape. The bloating normally lasts about a month after you stop vomiting. Just keep in mind that it won't last forever... It's a phase of healing that your body probably has to go through.

Whatever you do - don't call yourself fat... Be super kind and gently with yourself. Pat your belly and say thank you for all the hard work it's doing to recover :)

Praise yourself for giving recovery a good shot!



No, sorry... I'm not talking about pina coladas or margaritas... I'm talking about good old fashioned water.

Research at the University of Utah showed that a group of volunteers who drank between 8 and 12 glasses of water a day had faster metabolisms than those who drank just 4.

Try to drink a couple of glasses of warm water (or green/peppermint tea) about 30 minutes before eating each morning. This stimulates your digestive system and gets it ready for the day ahead. It will help you go for a number 2 each morning!


Tip 4: Eat Fermented foods!

Haha! Bet you had to read that twice... But I'm being serious...

The stress that bulimics put on their digestive systems kill the healthy bacteria needed to digest food. The BEST way to replace that bacteria is to eat fermented foods which are high in probiotics.

Now this doesn't mean that you have to store a banana under your bed for 2 months, block your nose and choke it down...

Some readily available fermented foods are:

Just be sure to check that they have 'live cultures' in them. Alternatively, you can look up video tutorials on youtube for how to make your own. I made some tasty sauerkraut just the other week!



Healing your metabolism is such a KEY part of bulimia recovery that I've dedicated a whole chapter of my Bulimia Recovery Guide to it. This e-book guide is part of my effective online recovery program and community. To learn more about how you can reach recovery through my program, click here.





Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
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