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Bulimia Made Me Wear a Wig

I have been struggling with bulimia for 2 years. Over that time span my hair thinned out twice, but then I would recover for a while and it would get better. Recently it has started to thin out again, but this time much more progressive. I am still trying to recover a battle that is ongoing and hopefully will end soon. So because of my hair loss I thought I would try a wig. It was only $40 on the internet. Anyways I have been wearing it for a month and I know it looks fake and people definitely look at my hair strange. But the fact is that I would rather go around with this wig on my head that looks somewhat real then gross thin hair. In a way I know i'm just covering up my problem up. I hate how bulimia has such a control, the fact that I know it is destroying my body and appearance even more and forced me to wear a wig. You think I would snap out of it and see that it is not a friend but an enemy slowly wearing me down emotionally and physically everyday. I will regrow my hair and I will get rid of this disorder because I don't have any other choices. This is the only obstacle in my life and it needs to be overcome.

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