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Bulimia is Stealing my Happiness

I just turned 13 and am absolutely ashamed to admit I purged my delicous birthday dinner and cake that my parents spent the entire day preparing. I'm really sad because memories such as this trigger me to yell at myself that I'm fat, ugly, selfish, and worthless. That I'm wasting money on b/ping and I'm a horrible person. Little things set me off and no one likes to be around me anymore. I don't know what happened to me. Just a bit ago, I was a star XC runner, happy, liked to do things besides lying in my bed all day, and A+ student. Now I'm putting less and less effort into my work, don't like to do anything social, am sad all the time, and just tired of life itself. I constantly find myself whispering," I wish I were normal" I don't know what to do. Telling someone would be so mortifying. They'd say I'm too young, too good of a girl, just want attention.. What I'm really worried about, is family, friends, and teachers would treat me differently, afraid to trigger me or make me angry. They'd act like I'm a freak or something. I'm just so lost and helpless and have lost all hope there is. I even feel guilty for wasting people's lives if they read this. I'm so sorry.
Thanx : ) aynonomous

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