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Bulimia is history! Here's how I kicked my addiction...

by Bree

My sun is shining :)

My sun is shining :)

Hello there all you wonderful people!

I have some good news to share in my bulimia story today.

or maybe I should call it a bulimia recovery story?

Oh dear... I gave it away... I RECOVERED!!!

I flippin kicked that b*tch in the arse!

How awesome is that? After 4 years of puking my guts out every day - I am free!

How did I do it?

Here's how...

1) As you said Shaye I shared my story - that was about 6 months ago.
2) Then I booked into see a counselor.
3) I used CBT therapy to change my behaviors. Quite similar to the stuff on your self help page.
4) I just persevered and tried to keep positive.

Ah yea - here I am FrRrEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Anyone who reads this YOU CAN DO IT. You will be surprised once you have beaten bulimia that you feel so free of it. You feel amazing!

Hope this helps :)



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