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Bulimia is even beatable on your own. :)

by Brittany
(United States)

For roughly 3 1/2 months, I had bulimia, or I would starve myself in hopes to loose weight/maintain my weight. I'm naturally right at the underweight- lowest healthy weight category, so when I lost only like X pounds at first, it wasn't a big deal to my body. Everything was functioning properly. Now, I'm a 16 year old girl, 5'3" and X pounds. My heaviest I've ever been at this height (which I've been 5'3" for 3 years) was X pounds. When my bulimia was at it's worst, I was down to about X pounds. I've got up to X all by myself, and plan to gain a few more pounds even. :) I look, and feel so much better too. My skin is now getting it's glow back, my hair is now growing back again (it's still thick from what people tell me, and I think I may be getting my periods back. I've been getting tons of discharge and a tiny bit of blood spotting. I want to get up to X, which is in the healthy weight range for my height, so that I can get everything back intact, and get my periods normally again, since I lost it for about 2 1/2 months now. I'm now eating around X calories a day, up from X. I'm inactive so I don't need all that much, let alone I never ate that much to begin with. But, I do want to say, overcoming this is possible. :) You can do it, and even though it may be hard at first, it feels so good to eat again, and enjoy it guilt free. I haven't purged in a little over a month, and never am I falling back into that. People have been giving me so many compliments on how healthy I look now. I'm naturally pale, but I don't look pastey white, my eyes have color to them again, I can now fit into clothes again (even though I'm an X, and a size X) but I was really no bigger than that anyway. But, people have been telling me I look good, and I feel good. (: I hope this can inspire other people to start recovering. All you need is support, and I'm here to help anyone who needs it.

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