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Bulimia is all I think about

by Jennifer

My name is Jen and I have suffered from bulimia for about 2 years. I have been to counseling and it just seems like I need help from people who suffer from the same disease. I want to join a support group with others but I am scared to share my story. I am scared to do it in person and have others judge me. I just want to be done with this disease for it controls all of my thoughts. I want to make friends who struggle with the same issues so that we can bring each other up when one of us are having a bad day. I don't want to suffer from this anymore. Has anyone tried the recovery program linked with this site? I am going to give it a shot..why not..right? Please if anyone is in need of a person to talk about bulimia issue, I would like to have a friend in the same boat as me.

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