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Bulimia - In The Bathtub

by Peaches

It was about ten o clock, and I was throwing up my dinner into the toilet while the bath was running so i could clean myself afterwards and wash my hair. I always had a weird thing about not flushing the toilet while the bath was running because i think it will make the water in the bath cold - don't ask why, but i do.

So i left the toileet full of sick and got into the bath which was full of bubbles. I was relaxing with shampoo in my hair when my little brother knocked on the door and asked if i was in the bath. I said yes, but that he could come in to clean his teeth because of all the bubbles. he agreed and came in, only to lift the toilet seat ready to pee.

He was shocked at what he found - and i struggled to find an excuse, until he said what had I been esating because it had given me some BAD diahorrhea. I was so relieved and claimed i had indigestion and the runs, to get out of my brother knowing i threw up my dinner!

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