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Bulimia in a different country

by Julia

Last year I decided to be an Exchange student in USA, i knew i would gain some weight but i didn't think it would be a problem...

My bulimia started a almost 6 months ago. I gained 15 pounds in 6-7 months and it was too much for me.

I used to throw up only on weekends but now i've been doing it everyday. It's so weird because I always tell myself that's the last day, but I throw up next day again.

My teeth seem to be the same but I'm always tired and very dizzy. I used to have a thick straight hair and now it looks so weird. (My stomach hurts sometimes too) I can't wait to go back to my home country and tell my mom what has been happening to me here! I don't want to be a bulimic anymore! I want to be in control!

I feel like it was so easy for me to be a bulimic here because my "host family" don't know me the way my parents know so I figure they will never notice.

I just wish I could eat an ice cream sometimes and don't feel guilty for that.

My ex boyfriend has been helping me a lot with that, I decided to tell him because I felt it would be easier for me to stop throwing up if someone supported me and check on me all the time.
I just turned 17 and all I want is my health and happy life back!

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