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Bulimia Heart Attack Prevention Smoothie

This bulimia heart attack prevention smoothie is packed full of electrolyte rich ingredients such as dates, milk and bananas... I used to drink it when I was suffering from bulimia - and I'm thankful it helped to keep me safe.

bulimia heart attack prevention
Prevent Bulimia related heart
attacks by drinking this!

Of course the best way to ensure your safety is to stop binging and purging, but I understand this takes time...

In the meantime, while you are working on eliminating binging and purging from your life, this smoothie can help to protect your heart :)

This smoothie is particularly important to drink if you have 'flushed' which is one of the most dangerous ways of purging. To learn more about this purging technique and why its so dangerous, click here.



The bulimia heart attack prevention smoothie recipe:

Blend all of these ingredients up in a blender, and Voilà - there you have it, an electrolyte rich, heart helping smoothie :)

When you drink this bulimia heart attack prevention smoothie, do so slowly, savoring each and every sip...

Envision the electrolytes and nutrients zipping around your body - helping, healing and doing wonderful work.

It's best to drink this smoothie directly after purging (when your heart is most at risk), or at any part of the day when you are feeling weak and drained. If you find it hard to keep anything down - then drink it before bed so that you can digest it while you sleep. If you think you can manage, drink as a part of your breakfast... It's delicious and a healthy way to start the day!

Don't focus on any negatives whilst drinking and digesting this smoothie... Focus on what it's doing for your health and how it will help your body gain strength to beat bulimia!



Bulimia and heart damage often do come hand in hand, so even if you do drink this smoothie regularly, please make sure you are also actively working on recovery. The only way to completely eliminate your risks of bulimia heart problems and other side effects is to recover - which you are entirely capable of doing!

I know sometimes recovery can seem out of reach - but I promise you can achieve it. I used to binge and purge 15 times a day, but now I've been free from bulimia for over 7 years. You can get here too - I promise.

If you would like some help in your recovery journey, please visit my online recovery program

Lots of love,



Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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