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Bulimia Experiences Like These Made Me Feel Like A Freak. You May Be Feeling The Same...

Disturbing bulimia experiences used to be part of my day to day life...

Bulimia seemed to remove the 'This is Grosse' chip from my brain... It didn't matter how disgusting something was - The most important thing in my life was getting food inside me - and then getting it back out again.

At the bottom of this page, you can read other bulimia sufferers experiences. Please feel free to comment on them and even Share your own experiences too...

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I began doing things that should have repulsed me - but they didn't.

Things that, if I had to do now, would make my stomach turn! But, back then, they were my normal and accepted bulimia experiences. How grosse they were didn't matter... What mattered was that I did not digest the calories from my food.

As I got older, my life grew even more controlled by bulimia... And, as it intensified, my bulimia experiences became more extreme...

I didn't care what the action was - if it enabled me to purge in secret, I'd give it a go.

I remember thinking that I was an absolute freak... I hated myself for doing these things - but I felt unable to stop.

I thought that if anybody knew about my bulimia - they would think I was mad, wasteful, out of control...

After all, I believed I was all of these things - so why would anyone disagree?

I thought I was the only person in the world suffering from bulimia. I felt absolutely alone.

Since my recovery from bulimia over 6 years ago, - I can see that I wasn't a crazy, wasteful freak...

And, I can see very clearly that I wasn't alone.

Thousands of women around the world were - and are still - suffering... Just as I was.

I know they would have understood me.

And, that's why I created this page...

It's for you to share your bulimia experiences, your bulimia stories, your fears, hopes and dreams!

it's for you to interact with other bulimic people... So that you realize you're not alone in this battle.

If you would like a completely private recovery community to open up to, check out my Bulimia Recovery Program and Community.


Do You Have a Personal Bulimia Experience?
Share it Here!

I have shared my bulimia stories and experiences to help people suffering from bulimia. I would really appreciate it if you would share your experience too!

Feel free to be yourself... Be totally honest... Nobody here will judge you here - this is a place where people 'get' one another!

Your bulimia experience will be extremely valuable! It lets other sufferers know that they're not alone.

Bulimia Experiences and Stories Left By Other Visitors

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