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bulimia doing permanent damage to my body

by Shelby

I have been bulimic for about two and a half years. I am so worried I have done permanent damage to my body. I keep trying to quit but every time I go a few days somethings happens and I fall back into my binge and purge routine.

I have so many questions that I haven't been able to find the answers to:

Will my face swelling go down? And if so how long should that take after I completely stop purging?

Have I done permanent damage to my teeth?

Is it possible that i stretched my stomach, and if i did how can i shrink it back?

When you stopped did you gain very much weight?

Should I tell my mom what I am going through? I used to tell her everything, but this has changed our relationship so much. I feel like I lie to her and disappoint her all the time. If I plan on stopping and I know I can do it, is it worth hurting her like this? I know she would blame herself, and I don't want that. her sister was bulimic and now she is an alcoholic who is killing herself with her diseases. I just don't want her to think I will turn out like her sister.

Thank you so much in advance, I appreciate everything!

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