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Bulimia doesn't stay secret 30 years on

I have been bulimic for most of my life. A few years ago my private shame was made public at the dentist. The enamel on my teeth has eroded so much that any dentist will know my secret. I bluffed and lied about the cause...but the shame I felt that this hidden disease was outed was excruciating. The dentist also felt the glands under my chin, another sign of my illness. Fear of my inner chaos showing on the outside has led to a significant reduction in my bulimia, but my overeating has escalated so much that I have put on X stone, so am now too self conscious to see anyone I haven't seen for a long time. What a waste of a life. To be paralysed by shame! I suppose I'm trying to say - the body does not keep secrets and it will expose you in the end - so, try to seek help before you are me.

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Article by Shaye Boddington
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