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Bulimia Depression

by Ji

Hi Shaye,

Thank you for being such a wonderful and helping person. You are helping me so much during my recovery. Every time I feel lost I know that there is somebody who knows the answers better than any doctor coz she has been already there. You are an angel!

I have another question. My PMS is over, and the bloating is almost gone. I had intense anxiety and depression during those days, but the truth is that I experience depression and anxiety every day. My depression got worse and the anxiety a little better since I started recovery. I am taking Valerian root and Saint's John Wort, but there are not really helping, I am not taking any prescription pills, coz they only make me feel worse. My question is - is it normal? I have a lot of tasks for university and my dead lines are next week, and during the last 3 weeks I was wasting my time and worrying about my projects, but unable to work, coz I am so depressed.

Sometimes I feel like I just want to disappear. Today will be my 17th day in recovery, but it seems that this is the only good thing in my life. I would appreciate if you could help me with this situation.

Thanks again!
Have a wonderful day!


Shaye Says

Hey Ji!

I'm glad that I can help - and that having me here to answer your questions brings you comfort :)

Depression and bulimia usually go hand in hand... Often, it's hard to pin point which one came first... So, to you question: is it normal... Yes, for bulimics, some level of depression is normal... But, that doesn't make it any easier... or mean that we should 'just accept it' There are a few little tricks that I used to help beat my depression during the early stages of my recovery...

One of them was to take time out every single day to do something that made me feel happy and relaxed. I made a list of things that I enjoyed doing... Some of my things were going for walks in the forest, listening to happy music which brought back good memories, painting, hanging out with my sisters and many more...

Everyday I made sure that I did at least one thing on that list...

Happiness is a habit that sometimes our brains need to be reminded about...

Another thing I used during my recovery... which was extremely helpful was expressing gratitude...

Each morning before I got out of bed I got into the habit of saying thanks to the universe and it's creator for everything that I was blessed with... A body that works, a wonderful family, a safe country, the warm sunshine or the refreshing rain, my comfortable bed, my education, etc, etc - Think of as many things as you can to be grateful for. Allow yourself to think deeply about them and how blessed you are to have or experience them...

Try to give yourself time at least twice a day to do this. When you become truly grateful for everything that you have - it is hard to feel depressed.

If you think about all your blessings often enough, it'll help re-program your brain from sad to grateful... This is called reprogramming your neural pathways (it's best to do it when you're feeling relaxed, early in the morning or after stretching/meditating)

I've actually reviewed a program based on reprogramming your brain called "Mom, Please Help: Anorexia and Bulimia Positive Energy Treatment" You can read about it on my bulimia self help page... Click here...

I found it really interesting - I hope you do too :)

Remember Ji that true bulimia recovery isn't only recovering your body from the stresses you've put it through... You need to heal your mind too... Once you begin to heal your mind - the happiness will follow :)

You'll get there - I know it!

Stay strong and speak soon no doubt :)


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