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Bulimia Consequences: Losing my front teeth...

I'd been bulimic for 7 years when I experienced the first of my physical bulimia consequences...

I was 16 years old and was on a trip out of town... I was staying with my new friend and her family. I didn't know them very well and was trying to be on my best behavior. I was also trying to control my bulimia - as best I could - so that they didn't grow suspicious.

After dinner on the 3rd night of my stay, I was sitting on the couch... When, suddenly, it felt like there were small stones in my mouth...

At the age of 16 I'd just lost my first tooth to bulimia. It had simply crumbled away.

bulimia consequences
7 root canals, 30 fillings and
and a whole lot of pain later!

I was SO embarrassed. Firstly because I looked like a fool - but secondly because I was sure that this would get people asking questions...

'How can your teeth be in such bad condition at such a young age...? Ah-ha You're bulimic!'

What made the situation even worse was that I was out of town and had to wait a few days to get back home and get it fixed.

I had to have a porcelain veneer put on it - my tooth was beyond saving.


The Bulimia Consequences Kept On Coming...

After I lost my first bulimia tooth, the bulimia consequences just kept on coming... Over the next 4 years I lost 7 teeth to bulimia and had over 30 fillings... I made my dentist very rich!

But, the consequences of bulimia weren't always to do with my pearly whites... Sometimes they were more serious...


The Bulimia Consequences Which I experienced...

During my 10 year ordeal, I suffered from so many of the scary side effects of bulimia. Some of them were...

Possibly the scariest consequence of bulimia was my electrolyte imbalance. This can cause sudden heart attacks... Even if you're young, fit and appear to be healthy!

So, I've got to ask myself the question... Was it worth it?

Was bulimia worth all of it's consequences?

No. No ways. Never!

Take my advice - if you're suffering from bulimia... Start the journey of recovery right away! It won't happen overnight - but work in baby steps... Just like I did. ]

If you would like guidance and support in your journey to recovery - I'd love to see you in my online recovery program and community.

You'll be amazed at how beautiful, colorful and kind the world beyond bulimia is :)





Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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