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Bulimia Circulation - What it is and how to Beat It!

'Bulimia Circulation' is what happens to your legs and fingers when they go all tingly and white. Bulimia circulation is what causes you to wear a sweater throughout summer... Never seeming able to warm up...

If you suffer from bulimia - you'll know what I'm talking about!

Most bulimics complain of poor circulation at some time or another. For many bulimics, it is a scary and painful side effect of their illness.

What Causes poor circulation in Bulimia Sufferers

In Bulimics, the major cause of poor circulation is a lack of proper nutrition. Bulimia sufferers often don't consume nearly enough vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids. I know I didn't used to get nearly enough of these important goodies! This is because I:

a) Had a poor diet consisting of sugary and fatty foods


b) I would throw up my food before my body had a chance to absorb much nutrition from them

When your body isn't getting the nutrition that it needs, your veins, arteries and capillaries will begin to break down - resulting in poor circulation.

How Do You Know If You Have Poor Circulation?

Anybody who has poor nutrition can suffer from bad circulation. Here are some of the symptoms:


Side Effects of 'Bulimia Circulation'

Having bulimia circulation can contribute to a number of scary illnesses and side effects. Some of these include:


Planning on Flying or Driving Long Distances?

Poor blood circulation can be dangerous during long periods of inactivity... such long distance flights.

Although it is unlikely, these long periods of sitting still can cause blood clots to develop in your legs. These blood clots can then dislodge and find their way to your brain or heart - causing stroke or heart attack.

So, next time you fly, just to be super safe - get up and move around a lot during your flight. Keep your blood flowing as best you can and you should be absolutely fine :)



How you Can cure or improve 'Bulimia circulation'

'Bulimia Circulation' is curable. There are ways that you can instantly begin to improve your circulatory health...

Obviously the most important one is to work on your bulimia recovery. Not only will your circulatory health improve - but your entire well being will benefit. You'll be amazed at how beautiful a bulimia-free life can be!

5 other ways that you can improve your circulation are:

  1. Eating more nutrient rich foods such as berries, vegetables and fruits. Really make and effort to keep them down so that they can benefit your body.
  2. A nice warm bath can temporarily improve your blood circulation. Adding oils such as juniper oil can also be beneficial.
  3. Get moving! Walking, swimming, running and exercise in general will help your circulation. Exercise for the feeling of health and well being it brings to your body and mind.
  4. Traditional herbs and spices such as cayenne, ginkgo, and ginger can help improve your circulation.
  5. Are you a smoker? If so - please work on stopping... It does no favors for your circulation!

Try to add in as many of the things from that list as possible to help with your bulimia circulation. Of course though, as I mentioned before - the only sure way to conquer it is by beating bulimia...

So do one thing today that is a step closer to that beautiful and free life that you deserve...

It might be ringing up an eating disorder therapist and making an appointment, opening up to somebody you love and trust or joining my successful online bulimia recovery program and community.

The next step towards recovery is up to you. My advice is to challenge yourself gently :)

Every single bit of effort you put into your bulimia recovery will be worth it!





Article by Shaye Boddington
Author of
and creator of The Bulimia Recovery Program and Community

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