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bulimia cheeks

Hi shaye,

I haven't been bulimic for a very long time...probably the better part of 2 months. Even then, it wasn't full blown up until the last 2 weeks, where I was constantly purging. For the first while, it was simply cutting calories dramatically and I actually lost a good X lbs. Then a few weeks ago I began eating more and putting on weight again, so purging intensified. I stopped completely two days ago after reading horror stories on the internet and seeing a noticable swell in my face (which has ALWAYS been a concern for me, even before this). I have put on 3 lbs (whether real weight or water weight I don't know - I'm also due for my period soon), and my face is very swollen. Will it go down??? Does the amount of time I was purging intensely for contribute to any time needed for swelling to stop?? Is there anything I can do to speed it up? (Aside from the obvious no more purging!)

Thank you!!!!!!


Shaye Says

Hi there!

I am so glad that you've decided to work on beating bulimia this early on. The longer you have it, the harder it can be to stop as the habit becomes more engrained in your brain. I know it's not easy - but you will get there :)

The only thing that you can do to get rid of chipmunk cheeks is stop binging and purging and to give yourself time to heal. This time is different for everyone... For me, it was months before the side effects of bulimia began to leave me... But, I would imagine that yours would leave faster because you have not been bulimic for long.

Keep pushing on with recovery... If you do, your body will bounce back!

All the best!

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