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Bulimia bloatedness - will it ever end?

by anonymous

Dear Shaye,

I stopped bingeing and purging since the last week of march, with only three relapses until today (so it's been about 3 weeks with 3 days of relapses...) the longest I lasted was 12 days and I gave into temptation because I was so bloated! :(

I read that it will take around 2-3 weeks for the bloating to start going away... Does that mean that everytime I relapse I have to start over?

I feel like this will never end! :(

Shaye Says

Hi Anonymous,

I promise you it will end! Bloating is the temporary discomfort that almost all bulimics need to go through in recovery... It's tough, I know... But, it will end.

How long will bloating last? For some people 2-3 weeks is realistic... For others, it takes longer.

My bloating was extreme for a month before it began to subside. I actually felt like somebody had put a hose pipe down my mouth and turned it on full blast until there was no space in my tummy left to fill!

Bloating isn't easy... But, knowing that it WILL END makes it bearable...

Slipping up and bingeing/purging will not put you back to square one... Think of it as taking many steps forward - and then the slip is one step back. Jump back on board, learn from it and little is lost.

Slipping will slow down the improvement of your bloating - but one slip every now and again will definitely not put you back to square one.

Keep up your progress - you are in the toughest part of recovery at the moment... Keep on putting one foot in front of the other - you will be so happy you did!


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