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Bulimia Bloat

by Lou

Hi Shaye,

I've been doing alright, with some ups and downs recently, some pretty stressful situations going on in my life... But I'm feeling ok. Just wanna ask something about bloating, have you ever felt so so so bloated during recovery that you just go thinking - oh why not just be bulimic till I get rid of all this weight, then I'll start recovery... Sometimes I get this dangerous thought, how do you suggest I battle it?

Also, I remember you mentioning some de-bloating drinks like green tea and senna tea. I know we shouldn't overuse senna, but I'm thinking about trying it when I feel particularly awful, especially some mornings after big dinner gatherings. So how often did you have senna tea during recovery?

Lou xxx

Shaye Says

Hi Lou!

Good to hear from you! I am so glad that although you've had some stressful times lately - you're trying to keep positive :)

During my recovery I suffered extreme bloating. Sometimes it would feel like every ounce of food I'd eaten in a week was still sitting in my tummy! During those times it was very tempting to just say "Okay well I'll throw up just to get it out of me - and then I'll start again" BUT... I knew that by doing that I wasn't allowing my stomach to learn how to digest and to heal. Bloating is a sign of recovery - remind yourself "Bloating is temporary - recovery is forever!"

Thinking you'll just be bulimic until you lose the 'bloating weight' and then stopping is just delaying the inevitable... You will have to persevere through the bloating at some stage - so rather now than later - than you can heal and get on enjoying your life and truly living! Also, the bloating isn't 'weight gain' - It's simply water retention and also food and gas accumulating in your tummy while it gradually learns to speed up and work properly. Remind yourself of this all the time! It's not fat - it's healing!

I drank senna tea about once a week during my recovery. It can leave you feeling a little bloated in the morning, but it does help to pass the food through. I'm nervous to recommend senna tea in case you substitute one type of purge for another... Be extremely aware that you should not have it often because it can cause you to damage the nerves in your colon which will make digestion harder. Once a week for a month or so should be completely fine though. Keep in mind that it;s very strong so try with a weak cup to start with... or else, you could get bad stomach cramps.

Green tea and peppermint tea early in the morning, before eating is a good way of getting all the 'bits and pieces' through... I find this works really well. I often drink about 3 cups 1/2 an hour before eating... Even to this day.

I hope this help Lou! Please get in touch if you have any other questions!


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